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2016 · Founder @ Levus

Expense Management

Expense reporting may be the most annoying part of business travel, and there is no escape from it if people want to be reimbursed by their companies.

To create the reports, employees needed to store and organize receipts, bundle them into reports and deliver them to the financial department. After reporting, people could wait weeks for approval before being paid back. It was an extremely manual and bureaucratic process that hurt employees' productivity and satisfaction.

Beta version

Final version

The Solution

We developed Levus as a simple solution that helps users quickly digitize expenses and create expense reports wherever they are—avoiding the hustle of storing and sorting through old physical receipts.

Users can directly add expenses and scan receipts from the home page to the correct expense report. They can also be reimbursed for the trip millage by either inputting the distance to calculate the value or choosing an origin and final destination.

Back in 2016, cellular connections were not very reliable while on the road. Levus allowed users to add expenses without an internet connection and sync them later. No more worries about losing receipts.

gif: syncing expenses

Reports and expenses are instantly available for the financial department in the web application, reducing approval and reimbursement times. The web app also assisted its users with data analysis and insights.


Our users reported that with Levus, it felt like not losing any time creating expense reports. This feeling came from the fact that Levus allowed them to digitize expenses when they happened, while before, they would have to spare a couple of hours at the end of every month to organize receipts and create the report.